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06 June 2017 @ 06:30 am
[sticky post] Master Fic List  
But the Days and Nights are Long (Master Post)
Summary: Dean suffers a traumatic brain injury. Sam tries to save him. 12.8k words total.

J'adoube (Master Post)
Summary: The Winchesters are unwilling pawns in an apocalyptic game between Heaven and Hell.  It’s White’s move, and they aren’t playing fair. 50k words total.

Jai Guru Deva Om (Master Post)
Summary: Feeling abandoned by his family, an emotionally vulnerable Dean investigates a strange commune alone.  With Sam at Stanford and John off the grid, help seems unlikely when the young hunter falls under the influence of the group’s charismatic leader. 109k words total.

While Angels Watched (Master Post)
Summary: Dean is a young, vibrant hunter with a keen sense of purpose, itching to prove himself. When a sudden, catastrophic illness strikes him down, Heaven and Earth collide in a desperate race to save his life. 60k words total.

Dust Devils (Master Post)
Summary: The Winchesters fight time, a vengeful spirit, and a wind demon in order to save a little girl from the monster who's stalking her. Hurt!Dean, Heavily Dean-centric. 133k words total.

Killing Me Softly (Master Post)
Summary: While on a case in Louisville, KY, Dean gets a song stuck in his head. He's not amused. Hurt!Dean, and the usual brotherly shenanigans. 68k words total.

The Patient in ER Bay 3
Summary: Nurse Jenny has the night-shift, a cranky patient, and a secret. 1800 words total.

Sick as a Doornail
Summary: Dean mixes his medications and his idioms.  Sam tries to help him with both.  Set in Season 7.  900 words, give or take.

My stories are all listed on AO3 as well.  They can be viewed right here.